29 10 2011

Hey everyone it’s me 🙂

So I haven’t been on since 2009..?

Anyway I kinda sorta really miss everyone

So if ANYONE ever sees this, hello!! I’d love to talk to you all again, message me!!!!



28 11 2009

idk if u guys even rember me or not anyway my name is Squack 000 sooo ya

P.S. Spikeike9 I havent talked to u in like a year please come back 😥

~*Squack 000*~


My 2’500 hits party!

22 07 2008

Party cancelled due to not many penguins being able to come

UPDATE BY SQUACK 000: There was a slight change and i am quiting after all. Thanks for the awesome memories that i will never forget. I AM NOT QUITTING CP just blogging. I decided to give the site to bub and skate and i hope you guys become succesful one day. ill miss you all, and im not changing my mind this time.

Ill miss ya all 😥

~*Squack 000*~

It is me bubi and here is the invitation to my 2′500 hits party!

If you can not read it it says:

Server: Bobsled

Date: Friday, 25th

Time: 9:00 penguin standard time.

Where: Snow forts (although we will be moving to other rooms)

Reason 2′500 hits!


I will be adding, taking pics of penguins player cards and putting them on my site and playing lots of games!

This is my first party so I cant wait!

Hope you can make it!

I am stepping down

18 07 2008


hi eveyone. Ive been thinking of wat spike said and…. maybe i might quite. i want things back the way it used to be. Im also under alot of presure, so that gives me less time. If I dont quite now ill quite when school starts. Thank you everyone for being so great. I am only quitting blogging, not clubpenguin. I will still be on my xat, www.xat.com/CpSquack000Fans I have had a great time, and i really apreciate all of you who supported me. I hope you become succsesful one day.

~*Squack 000*~

Cheesecucmber added me!

16 07 2008

Hey everyone I was trying out the awesome new feature when i came to the dock and… Cheesecucmber added me! Here are pics


Cheesecucmberaddedme.jpg picture by Squack000

~*Squack 000*~

New Banner!

9 07 2008

Thanks Dj Rayo for making my awesome header!! Ur the best!

~*Squack 000*~

CPU (club penguin university)

6 07 2008

Click HERE to go to the club penguin university signup sheet!